About Samira

Samira’s love of dance began with a traditional background, but it was after she took her first belly dance class “just for fun” over a decade ago that she became hooked.  Since then, Samira has studied Egyptian, Tribal Improvisational, and Fusion styles with Karin Scott, Fatina and Amira of Atlanta.  She has also been a member of Troupe Hameeda and Fatina and Company in addition to her solo work.

She has also attended workshops with many of Bellydance’s most respected names including Paulette Ree-Dennis, Suhalia, Sharon Kihara, Jillina, Tito Seif, Mahmoud Reda, Morocco and Zaphira.  She currently teaches classes at the UGA Ramsey Center and the Healing Arts Center and is the founder and director of the local dance troupe Inti'sam.