About Mahsati

Mahsati took her first dance class many moons ago with Karin Scott, took time off to have babies, and came back to serious dance study  in January 2011.  She has studied with Murjanah and continues to study with Samira in Athens.  She is also a frequent workshop attendee, taking classes from Suhaila Salimpour, Aziza of Montreal, Mohamed Shahin, Zoe Jakes, Kiteira, Amani Jabril, Yasmine, and many more.    She decided to make the leap into teaching in order to share all the many things that the dance has brought to her life: physical fitness, a shared community, and a healthier outlook on herself and life.  Bellydance Basics will be a way to build a foundation for your dance journey.  It will teach how to use your muscles in new ways in order to learn the basic moves that all styles of belly dance are built on so that you can then take it into any direction you want.  Inspired by the Suhaila format, it is a great place for new dancers to start, or for more experienced dancers to revisit their roots.  

Mahsati teaches the Bellydance Basics and the Beyond Basics class at the Healing Arts Centre on Mondays and is the director of Haraka Thar.  For a complete class description, go to our classes.

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