Saturday, October 3, 2015

Videos, music and a thank you

Before I get to the videos, I wanted to thank all of you for being such wonderful students.  This last chemo has hit me pretty hard and there were times I wondered why I was still trying to teach.  Class last week reminded me why.  Thank you for working hard and making me smile.  Being in class is one of the few times I can forget that I have cancer and just focus on something I love. 

Beginners - remember to watch or practice this at least 3 times before Thursday

Link to music Batwannes Beek

Link to video on youtube

Intermediates- remember to practice this at least 3 times before class next week

Link to music - Enta Omri by Khalas and Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

Link to video

Information about the workshop coming up on the 27th.  Tempest is an innovator in fusion dance and if you are looking to inject more emotion in your dance, this would be a good place to start

Dancing Darkly: THE Introduction to the Art of Gothic Bellydance

Gothic Belly Dance is the union of Middle Eastern Dance with the aesthetic, sound, and emotion of the Gothic subculture. More than just a look or a sojourn into alternative music, discover the theatrical elegance and drama that truly gives "Raks Gothique" its soul essence, from Tempest - creator of the Gothic Belly Dance Resource ( We'll discuss and illustrate the concepts that create the necessary foundation for this dance, and focus on key technical elements for performance, including movement, attitude, aesthetic, and presentation. All levels welcome.

$40 pre-paid before October 20, 2015; $50 at the door.

Contact Rajni for payment options- we can accept cash, check, or Credit card. Inbox Rajni for information regarding check and credit card payments for the early bird rate!

Please note that this payment link will say "Send money to Victor." That's Mark, my husband.

***Please note: we need a minimum of 10 paid registrants to hold this workshop.***

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