Thursday, August 13, 2015

Welcome back and what I have been up to!

For all of you returning dancers who don't keep up with me on Facebook, I have had a very busy (but unfortunately not exciting) summer.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer the first week in June so my summer was a whirlwind of doctor's appointments, tests, and treatments.  Because of the type of cancer I have, I am having chemo first then surgery.  I just finished my 3rd of 6 chemo treatments about a week ago and should have my last one the first week of October.  It has been going pretty well and the side effects have been manageable.  I am currently bald, and wigs are hot, so I will be in scarves and headcovers in class. Then, depending on the type of surgery I decide to have, I will have surgery and then maybe radiation (which I may get to skip since my lymph nodes don't seems to be involved).  My current goal is to try to put off major surgery if I decide to have it until after the fall show, which gives me over a month to recover before spring semester starts.

What does this mean for classes at Ramsey?  First of all, they will be happening!  There will be a couple of weeks where I may be moving slowly, but I can still teach.  For the Beyond Basics class this may mean you drill while I watch instead of me dancing the entire time with you some nights.  Right now I am planning to teach one of my old dances my former troupe member and I created (to a remix of Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride) along with possibly a short dance by Mardi Love to Dandaro.  Or we may learn one of my dances to part of the heavy metal version of Enta Omri  Either of those progresses from smooth and gooey to high energy and fun.

Working on trying to figure out the best time for the show in the next few weeks and getting ready to see all of you back on the 20th!

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