Monday, October 21, 2013

Practice Music hints - From Mahin's Daily Bellydance Quickies

Advice from a blog I read (

Music For A
Perfect Practice

A very clever student of mine shared a recent app find. She discovered an iPod/iPhone app that allows you to not only play music at different speeds, but to repeat segments of music that you select.  So if you need to practice that tricky combo 5 times slowly - your music is right there with you! As an instructor, I find "slowed-down" teaching tracks to invaluable for new choreos!

The  Slow Down Music Trainerwas designed for dancers' and musicians' practice. The free version will do 3 songs. If you find it useful, the full version is $3.99
Android owners, there's one for us too!

When I went to the iTunes store, I found an app called "Anytune" that does the same thing for free.  Any of these might be good for practicing or choreographing.  I found that even slowing things down to 90% of full speed was useful.

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