Friday, October 18, 2013

Beyond Wonder Woman adding to my rant and some all around good ideas for dancing

Zi'ah of Atlanta's Awalim wrote a blog post expanding on the idea of strong body posture

She also wrote about what American Tribal Style means to her.  Although this is specifically about improve, she touches on some important dance concepts, such as letting the music dictate the movements and simple is sometimes best.  (Which were also in my last post from the Bellydance Palladin)

I love how she refers to Awalim's vocabulary as a dialect of ATS, complete with it's own slang.  (Black widow and Brown Recluse anyone?)

Finally, a followup on my rant about videotaping performance from a few weeks ago.  If you videotape, you lose the essence of the dancing and the magic that exists between the dancer and the audience.  Think about that before you lift up your smartphone

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