Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inspiration videos and a bit of a rant :)

I'm going to post a few videos from some of the teachers I took workshops from this weekend.  Three very different styles, but all wonderful.  Before I get to the video goodness, I wanted to talk about some things I have seen in the last few workshops and classes I have seen.  I hope that in the future some of you will keep dancing and may become workshop attendees and I don't want you to make these same mistakes.
  • Don't carry on a long conversation while the instructor is talking/teaching.  Brief whispered comments are fine, but an in depth discussion of where you are eating dinner is not.
  • Don't wear coin hip scarves, they make it hard for everyone (including you) to hear the instructor.  If you feel the need to bring one, always have a "quiet" backup if you realize you are the only one wearing one.
  • Only video the instructor or other attendees when the instructor gives you permission.  This is their intellectual property and their source of income, they should have control over what is done with it.  
  • If you are asked not video at show, don't.  Many workshop instructors have clauses in the contracts concerning when they can be filmed and what can be done with that footage and sometimes filming comes with an additional charge.  That clause usually also specifies that is audience members are filming, it is the sponsors responsibility to put a stop to it.
  • If you are allowed to film the instructor/other students only share it with other attendees, you paid for this, not all your classmates.
  • If you perform, have a coverup on when you are not on stage - it's just polite.
Ok, enough rant - on to the yummy.  You will notice that all of these are legitimately posted on youtube, none are shady illegal videos.

Mira Betz - this is inspired by her journey through dance.  

Jill Parker (shes the cute one in the middle in the first part)  Notice the amazing fluidity, especially in the 2nd song.

Sadie - she is know for her intricately layered drum solos and precision movements

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