Thursday, August 16, 2012

Upcoming ATL Workshops!

Some amazing workshops coming up in the next 6 months or so.  Workshops are a great way to stretch your skills and add new things to your toolbox.  Even if you can't make the workshops, go to the shows.  Watching dance (especially live) is a great way to become a better dancer.  I would recommend any of these  to you.

September 15-16 - Aziza and Sera Sosltice  Aziza is my idol!  She's an amazing dancer and an extremely good teacher.  She does a good job of modifying and focuses of "becoming the music," musical expression, and fluidity.  I've never taken classes with Sera, but the workshop descriptions sound really interesting.

October 25-28 - The Soul of Fusion Black Orchid Danse has beautiful, well run workshops.  There are too many great instructors here to list.  However, if you like Zoe, you will love Kami Liddle and if you want to learn zills, Tarik Sultan is amazing.

November 9-10 - Morroco and Shira Morocco (also known as "Aunt Rocky") is a legend in the bellydance world.  She has over 50 years teaching and performing.  After falling in love with the dance, she has traveled all over Africa and the Middle East learning the true roots of the dance.  I love classes with her, she's no nonsense but is quick to teach authentic dance.  Shira runs, the most visited bellydance website in the world.  She's another expert in authenticity.  Why worry about being authentic?  You need to know the history of where this dance came from before you can figure out where you are going with it.

January 19-21 - Suhaila Salimpour Level 1 Intensive  Suhaila is not for the faint of heart, but her basic technique and theories have become part of many bellydance styles.  As a second generation bellydancer and performer she brings a wealth of information to her students.

February 14-17 - Tribalcon  Another workshop jam packed with awesome teachers.  One thing that makes Tribalcon unique is that there is a music track, a dance track and a lecture track so there is something for everyone.  Zi'ah has create a great event that gets better every year.  This year she has Donna Meija (a dance wonder in all forms), Onca O'leary, and Zoe teaching among others.  They are focusing on how each of these dancers have created their own personal style.

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