Thursday, January 19, 2012

Notes for Healing Arts Center students

Over view of zills and rhythms so far

Article with good background AND "zill phrases"

Both of the songs we have been dancing to are by Gypsy Caravan off of Caravan Rhythms

Mafuf (sometimes spelled Malfoof) used heavily in oriental numbers as an entrance.  Good example – “Escape from Cairo” that we danced to last spring.  Works well with chasse’, spins, walking entrances

Sample of rhythm you can download

Malfuf with clap
Dtt  (1 – 2 -2)
Play RLL(1 – 2 -2) RLL(1 – 2 -2) RLL (1 – 2 -2)clap 3X
3 Basic Egyptians and 3 accents on the claps (hips down, down, down)

Masmoudi Kebir (usually called just masmoudi)
Masmoudi  (this version has room for you to play 1-1-123-1-123123)

Dd tkt D tkt
Dd       double drop on R
Tkt      scoop R hip up and in
D         chest drop
Tkt      shoulder shimmy or undulate

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