Thursday, September 29, 2011

Upcoming worshops and practice videos

Practice Videos - feel free to use to download!  (You may need to crank the volume up)

Ramsey Beginner

Ramsey Intermediate

Upcoming workshops
Alicia of Bellycraft will be in Atlanta on January 14 and 15.  Check out her webpage ( to see videos of her.

TribalCon - fabulous Tribal convention in Decatur in February.  Amazing dance and music teachers and the show is to die for!  This year's theme is taking belly dance back to it's roots.  Check it out at

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cool Videos and Info for Ramsey students

For the Bellydance Basics class:

Here's a link to the version of Batwannis Beek you can purchase.  The original song is by Warda and a translation of the lyrics is here.

Here's a video of the dance you will be learning.  Once we start learning this in class I will post videos and notes you can practice along to. 

For Ramsey Intermediates - Roustabouts can be found here.  But, you may want the entire album, it is excellent!

Now just for fun......2 contrasting styles

First of all, Kaitlin from North Carolina mixing Indian and Tribal bellydance

Next, Ranya Renee doing a traditional baladi progression

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A little inspiration....

My favorite Zoe video of all time

And look for the combo we've been working on in both the Intermediate and Advanced classes in this video (1st appearance is at about 15 seconds)

And finally, the saiidi hips in action at about :50.