Monday, January 3, 2011

More upcoming workshops!

Tons of workshops coming our way in Georgia this year.

Why should you go to one of these?? If you are beyond a baby beginner, workshops are a great way to improve your technique, learn new combinations and ways of doing things.  It's also good to be influenced by more than just your teachers.

If you are interested in one or more of these and have questions or want to know what to expect, just ask!

Christy Fricks may also be bringing someone to town this spring and may also be having a show Valentines weekend.  I will post info as soon as I get it.  However, if she does either I highly recommend you take advantage of it.  We are lucky to get events locally and need to be supportive of them.

Saturday, January 15, 2011Diana of Company Mezza will teach a 2-hr workshop designed specifically for those who want to cross over from beginning into basic intermediate level. Material will cover basic layering of movements, basic traveling moves and turns, and basic transitions from one step to the other to set the framework for putting your own routine together and dancing like a pro. Learning these basics will prepare you to excel in any intermediate class.
TIME: 2:00-4:00 P.M.
WHERE: PERA DANCE STUDIO, 1015 Collier Rd., NW, Ste. B, Atlanta, GA 30318
COST: $20 To Be Paid To Instructor Day Of Class.
REGISTRATION: Minimum Of 8 Students Required. Cut Off Date for Registration is Thursday, Jan. 13.

Diana is a legend in the Atlanta dance scene.  She's an amazing teacher and dancer and after decades of dancing is always looking to improve.

Jim Boz in Atlanta - March 26-27
Saturday March 26 Funky Combos - Raks Sharki infused with jazz, American Glam, Egyptian Kitsch - Exciting and expressive bold combos that will enhance your choreographies and improvisational performances. 1-4pm $40 Before 2/26/11 - $50 After
Sunday March 27 How Slow Can You Go - One of Jim Boz's Signature Series of Workshops featuring slow drills and techniques featuring slow, snakey, sultry movements to dramatically increase the interest in your performances. Smouldering energy, sparkling sways, and command of your frame beyond your body!
1-4pm $40 Before 2/26/11 - $50 After

Black Orchid Danse - Memorial Day Weekend-
Huge workshop, awesome instructor.  Three of my favorite dancers/teachers will be there.  Tito Seif is coming back - beautiful flowing oriental style and he enjoys dancing and it shows.  He's just wow!  He's teaching Shaabi (street music), Oriental (traditional staged cabaret), and Baladi/drum solo combo.  Sharon Kihara is teaching her own funky fusion, she draws heavily from yoga, and is a joy to watch.  Tarik Sultan is Morocco's protege', does some cool combos and choreography that even beginners could learn from.  He's also teaching zills and is hands down the best zill class I have ever had.  If you want to learn to play, this workshop is a great place to start.  He's also teaching a drum solo and how to dance on top of a tabla (drum).

July / August 2011 (TBA) Mahmoud Reda U.S. Tour
*Amani Jabril will host Mr. Reda in Atlanta, Georgia more details to come.
Reda has done more to shape the world of staged belly dance that any other.  He took it from being a party dance and elevated to an international stage.  His dance is known for his complicated footwork and attention to detail.

Suhalia in Atlanta - September 17-18
She's a second generation belly dancer and has broken this dance down with anatomical precision.  Her technique is used by many top dancers today and the physical conditioning her technique uses is unbelievable.  She is the queen of the glute squeezes and her workshops will definitely work you - you will be exhausted but full of energy after a day with her.  She's also a wealth of information about the dance, it's history and living as a dancer in the middle east. 
September 24, 2011 Workshops with Yasmine & Kitiera
Atlanta, Georgia - Hosted by Amani Jabril
I've nevre taken from Kitiera, but Yasmine is a favorite of mine.

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